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AQUATRIBE - now the world can sea ...

Aquatribe DVD episodes Aquatribe DVD episodes

Underwater Videos for Relaxation & Amazement

Ideal for your private Party at home or just to relax.
Play your own music with the video,
or just listen to the soothing sounds of bubbles.
A unique underwater experience that will amaze you.
Your friends, family and children will love it, too.

Experience 1 hour of a special journey to the
most fascinating dive spots in the world!
Bahamas, Florida and Egypt

Private license for each 1 hour episode episode/dive:  34,95 Euro /  47,95 USD

* price incl. tax, shipping cost are additional (Shipping to Europe: 3,90 Euro - International/US: 12,00 USD)
shipping to Europe: 3-7 business days   -   shipping international: 5-10 business days

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AQUATRIBE save the seas - click to learn more
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5 USD from each episode go to selected
nonprofit organizations

Above prices are for private in-home usage only.

All episodes are available for licensing to commercial establishments like hotels, discotheques, restaurants, Spa’s, Wellness and Fitness center, as well as for major events, night clubs, for concerts & open-air concerts, web sites or any public usage where you strive to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Companies can furthermore have their logos & personal commercials edited into the videos.

Companies please contact us for additional information and rates at:

our clients include:

Marriott Hotel, A&T Salon @ The Bayerischer Hof, several musicians, various discotheques and many more

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